Set IPTC Photo Metadata for Search Engines

You want to get your metadata displayed by search engines and your metadata editing software does not fully support that? - This site helps
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Search engines have started to show specific metadata fields of photos in search results next to a thumbnail of the photo. The displayed metadata values can be read from IPTC photo metadata embedded into the image file, how this is done exactly depends on the search engine.
But it is a prerequisite to embed such metadata fields into your image file!
Unfortunately not all software used for editing IPTC photo metadata supports the required IPTC metadata fields. This site helps:
  • You can set values for the to-be-displayed fields in a form
  • This site creates data which can be embedded into your photo(s)
  • This site creates Structured HTML Metadata used for embedding into a web page
Find more information about embedding metadata into your photos on the How To Use page
Metadata Currently Displayed by Search Engines
Google Image Search
Google Images currently displays three IPTC Photo Metadata fields next to a photo in the search results - if they are embedded!
- Creator
- Credit Line
- Copyright Notice
Google Images plans to display two additional fields in summer 2020:
- Web Statement of Rights (also labelled as Copyright Info URL)
- the URL field of a Licensor (called Licensor URL in many documents)
Read more about it on the IPTC site - with links to Google documents.
All these fields can be set by the form of this site.
No embedded photo metadata is shown currently
No embedded photo metadata is shown currently
It is strongly recommended to follow the workflow described on the How To Use page.
Disclaimer: IPTC, the party running this site, is not liable for any demages to image files and embedded metadata arising from the use of this site and the associated Tool Package.