Set IPTC Photo Metadata for Search Engines

About this site

The goal of this site is helping photo people wanting to embed photo metadata which is shown by search engines but the software they use for editing photo metadata does not support all the required fields.

This can be achieved by creating the required IPTC photo metadata in a format used by the widely used command line software ExifTool and then applying the created photo metadata with ExifTool to a directory with one to many image files.

This site was created by Michael Steidl (NewsIT), developer and Lead of the IPTC Photo Metadata Working Group. It is available as open source on Github.

The development of this site was supported by David Riecks, professional photographer and metadata expert running and being behind and tested by the photographer Henry Sautter.

The program for embedding metadata by dropping files or directories on it was developed by Henry Sautter and Michael Steidl.

It is strongly recommended to follow the workflow described on the How To Use page.
Disclaimer: IPTC, the party running this site, is not liable for any demages to image files and embedded metadata arising from the use of this site and the associated Tool Package.